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Tenet Healthcare is committed to supporting the employees by giving assistance, funding and confidence in times of hardship, by spending in long-term development and learning platforms, by offering career advancement opportunities to develop and flourish within the association.

Employee Program:

The company is always devoted to providing the opportunities and prospects to see the employees in healthier and happier lives.

Total Wellness:

Program provides access to six measurements including;

  • Learning
  • Financial
  • Emotional
  • Environmental
  • Physical
  • Community

Read tips from experts and existing team members.

Care Fund:

  • Employees will receive the financial assistance to survive in the events that are beyond their control.
  • You will get quick access to emergency information, recommendations, and financial scholarships and contribution to meet the vital living expenses such as foodstuff, accommodation, clothing, utilities, and other essential needs.
  • Fellow associates finance the whole allowances through donations.

Learning & Career Development Programs:

.edu is an online learning platform that provides training and education hours to all colleagues and gives access to new protocols, processes, and information that help you serve the customers in the best way you can.

Academy Programs:

Finance and management academy platforms contribute to improving front-line executive’s management abilities so they can maintain the team members in offering services.

Career Opportunities:

There are a lot of possibilities for you to grow your careers. Browse openings and apply for those in which you are interested and fit.

Join The Team:

Search jobs and be part of the inspiring and worthwhile environment.

Career Search:Choose the category;

  • Non-executive opportunities
  • Executive opportunities

Start your search by keyword, job number, job title, location or radios.

Apply Online:

  • Select a job and press “Apply” button.
  • If you are a returning applicant, sing into your account.
  • Enter your account ID and password.
  • Press “Login” button.

If you are a new application, create your account.

  • Fill out the registration form with accurate details.
  • Type your username.
  • Make a password for your account.
  • Re-enter your password.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Hit the “Create Account” button.
  • Continue with your job application.

Start a bright career using resources, tools and support.

Leadership Development Programs:

Development programs include MBA Leadership, MHA Residency, Leadership Academy and College Rotation Program.

MBA Leadership:

  • The company is seeking future leaders who want to join hospital administration occupation.
  • To get more information, you can contact

MHA Residency:

  • Candidates will get the opportunity to create a resilient base in hospital operations, information systems leadership and data resources.
  • Go to to ask for more details.

College Rotation Program:

  • Recent graduates can apply in a variety of departments with the chance to switch every nine to twelve months within a two to three-year course.
  • Go to to get more details about the program.

Leadership Academy:

  • The program will provide support to administrators, high-potential clinicians, and corporate office personnel.
  • Contact at to get more information about the program.

Employee Benefits:

Advantages are equal for full-time employees and part-time employees.

As an employee you can get the following paybacks:

  • Comprehensive medical coverage
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Dental & vision plans
  • Life insurance
  • Business travel insurance
  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • Accidental death & dismemberment insurance
  • Prepaid legal assistance
  • Tax-advantaged reimbursement accounts
  • Basic employee life & personal accident insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Long-term care insurance

Access And Manage Benefits:

All you need to login to your account.

  • Go to web address from your browser to access the login page.
  • You will see login section in the middle of the page.
  • Enter your user ID associated with this account.
  • Provide password in designated field.
  • Click the “Login” button.

Password Help:

  • Press the “Reset It Here” link to continue.
  • Choose which type of user you are and fill in your personal information in the online form.
  • If you are registered non-credentialed or employed physicians, you have to provide your user ID, last four digits of SSN and month and date you were born.
  • If you are credentialed physicians, you have to provide your unique ID and National Provider Identifier (NPI).
  • Hit the “Next” button to continue.
  • Follow the steps to retrieve the password.

New User:

  • Provide your ID.
  • Enter SSN (last four digits).
  • Type month and date you were born in designated field.

New Credentialed Physician:

  • Enter your unique ID.
  • Input valid National Provider Identifier (NPI).
  • Click “Next” button to proceed.

Complete registration and manage your account.

Help Desk:

Contact the Service Desk by calling at 800-639-7575 to talk to a representative for help.


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